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A Taste of.org.uk … is designed for people who are curious, love to travel and who want to explore places (in style) where food & drink is created and celebrated. Our trips are thoughtfully created and the itineraries carefully planned to ensure that they combine cuisine, culture and comfort. Our success in this approach is achieved by combining our own experience with that of other culinary-related business, celebrated chefs and top hotels. We have had the pleasure of working with, and for, prestigious organisations such as the Academy of Culinary Arts, Royal Automobile Club, Coutts Bank and Zurich International Insurance. Our clients expect the best, so we demand that our partners deliver the best – nothing else will suffice. Our trips are inclusive of return economy flights from London (upgrades can be arranged), welcome drinks, superior accommodation on a double occupancy basis (single supplements available), transfers, breakfast, and dinners. We include local guides where feasible and endeavour an expert from the food industry accompanying the group.

Our Philosophy
We want our guests to return from their trip having had a pleasurable and unforgettable one-of-a-kind experience. We encourage our guests to interact with each other and make new friendships and connections – all whilst see destinations in a new light. We don’t transport our guests to a destination and then keep them in a cocoon of luxury. Rather we immerse you in the local culture and provide keys that unlock secrets of a region’s true identity and spirit, reveal the uniqueness of place, and explain what elements gives the food from that region a particular taste. We help show that cuisine simply is the application of the methods, techniques, habits and customs of a culture when it interacts with its soil for the purpose of growing food. Not just that of the farmer and vintner, but everyone else who is involved in transforming that food into a cuisine. In countries that have strong culinary traditions, meaning most of the Old World, the culinary patrimony of the land is as important as national honour. It is not only worth preserving for these people, but it helps define who they are. A person who does not have a strong opinion about cuisine is a person without a cuisine. We want you to sample both a region’s most refined cuisine and its most rustic traditions.

Founder & Creator
Brian Smith
was born in Philadelphia, raised in San Diego and has been based in the United Kingdom since 1987. His passion for food & drink has been developed by living and working on both coasts of America, and in Africa, Europe and London and has also travelled in Asia and the Middle East. Brian earned a BA degree in English from San Diego State University and after a three-year stint in the US Army began his career in professional sports public relations in the National Football League before embarking on a career that has included sports marketing, writing, broadcasting and magazine publishing. During his journey he has developed valuable relationships with hotel owners, chefs, food artisans & producers, wine guides and tourism agencies. Brian was for six years Chairman of the Food & Beverage Committee of the Royal Automobile Club of London and was a member of the Club’s Wine Committee. All these experiences and relationships combine to help him provide an insider's perspective to his customers. 
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