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Your chance to experience long luxurious weekend breaks that combine sights & sounds, with the flavours & tastes of carefully chosen gastronomic regions. taste of trips are designed to highlight the local traditions, customs and habits that help define the uniqueness of the destinations we visit. taste of trips are for people who are curious, love to travel and want to explore new destinations (or re-discover previously visited destinations) where food & drink is created, celebrated, and enjoyed.

our philosophy

Experiential travel starts when we arrive at our destination. We’ll provide keys to unlock secrets of the destination’s identity and spirit and reveal the uniqueness of place. Cuisine is the application of the methods, techniques, habits, and customs of a culture when it interacts with its soil for the purpose of growing food. In countries that have strong culinary traditions (meaning most of the Old World), the culinary patrimony of the land is as important as national honour - it helps define who they are. We believe that a person who does not have a strong opinion about cuisine is a person without a cuisine. We want you to sample both a region’s most refined cuisine and its most rustic traditions. 

ur approach

taste of trips are all personally led by Brian Smith and are limited to no more than 12 people (so we can all sit around a communal dining table). We travel to various destinations in Europe and the UK and always choose comfortable and luxury hotels with character. Our trips have itineraries that include visits to food & drink suppliers and producers, markets, wineries, chocolate makers, food academies, and much more. We visit restaurants offering menus ranging from Michelin style to local rustic plat du jour. We also make time to visit museums, art galleries, music and dance performances and other “normal” tourist attractions. And we always ensure that you have time to relax and enjoy the experience.

Please email us to request future taste of trip destination descriptions and booking information.

coming soon

We will be launching a taste of Sussex and a taste of Cornwall in the near future.

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